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River Rock - 1 1/4
Uses: decorative landscaping, drainage Available in: 3/8, 3/4, 1 1/4, 1-3, 3-5 and boulders
Sold By : load / order by ton (22-24)
Welcome to Natural Stone Wholesalers.
Natural Stone Wholesalers understands the importance of maximizing sales during the heart of the landscape/landscape construction season. As such, we have structured our business to best suit the needs of our core customers: retail landscape supply & stone yards, high volume landscape companies and commercial contractors.

Our website is designed to allow customers quick access to our product selection. We provide online ordering and real time inventory, which sets us apart and establishes a new industry standard. Once your order is placed, a friendly sales representative will contact you within an hour to confirm the order and provide delivery and payment options. We have also designed the site with such a depth of information and photos that it can be a standalone sales tool; eliminating the need to have a dedicated natural stone sales person on staff.

Natural Stone Wholesalers' service philosophy is based on a right product, right time principle. We stock a vast array of product in our holding yard and our sales force searches daily for new products. In addition, the NSW fleet is continually replenishing our stock and making deliveries. Our shipping team strives to limit turnaround time; ensuring product arrives in your yard or on site when you need it. Our core principal helps you maintain a smaller inventory footprint and allows you to deliver direct to your customers via our delivery service. At NSW, we realize you have many choices for wholesale stone supply. However, our exceptional service, depth of product availability and competitive pricing set us apart. Let's forge a beneficial business relationship today.
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